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Brunei Driving Laws

Brunei traffic rules require all to drive on the left side of the road and overtake on the right. Left turn are permitted at red light unless otherwise indicated by a sign at the intersection. Direction signals are required for turning and for changing lanes during travel. When approaching an accident or if your vehicle is disabled, hazard lights are required to be on at all times.

Safety Requirements

Only a driver and a passenger are allowed in the front seats. The passsengers in the front seats are required to wear seat belts. However, the Land Transport Department authorities insist that all those riding in an automobile are required to put on seat belts. Children under three years of age must be fastened securely in government- approved car seats.

Driver's Licences

All driver in Brunei should posses valid driver licences issued by the Land Transport Department. Licences can be renewed for one year or three year with the yearly licence fee being B$10. Brunei recognises valid international driving licences and valid licences issued in other countries for a period of three months. After this period, they then have to convert to Brunei licences. At times drivers with international licences need to attend an oral test.. Driving Licences can be renewed at almost all post offices and also at the Land Transport Branch Offices during office hours.


There is number of parking areas throughout the country. Drivers can park at multi-storey car parks, covered parks, and areas marked for municipal parking at certain rate. The rate varies from B$0.50 to B$2.00 per hour. Monthly rates are also available in certain parking areas. A number of parking areas have been privatised recently including the parking lots at the International Airport. Illegal parking carries fines ranging from B$50.00 to B$200.00.

Road Signs

Brunei follows international-approved road signs. Some road signs with Malay script are posted in some places. So, travellers and new drivers who are not familiar with Malay must know the signs well before driving. Road users must strictly follow the signs and traffic rules. Black and white striped lane dividers are seen at major junctions in the country. Do not change lanes indiscriminately.